About Us

OurĀ Mission

Girls Rock Austin is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), dedicated to empowering girls and women of all backgrounds and abilities through musical education and performance.


Girls Rock Austin is a day camp exclusively for girls ages 9-17. Qualified counselors will instruct campers in guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, or vocals. Armed with fresh, enhanced skills, campers will form bands and learn to write original songs together to perform at the camp’s finale.

In workshops, girls will learn about:

  • Team-building
  • Women who rock
  • Decoding images of girls and women in popular culture
  • Exploring gender/identity issues
  • Music journalism and ‘zine making
  • How to get started in the music business
  • Silk screening, self-defense, and more

Goals and Organization

By providing a positive, all-female environment that offers musical instruction as well as a variety of workshops and performances, the camp creates leadership opportunities, cultivates a supportive community of peers and mentors, and encourages social change and the development of life skills.

Started in 2007 by Emily Marks, our primary goal is building girls’ self-esteem through musical performance and artistic creativity. This is not a camp for theĀ American Idol-inclined. Turning girls into stars is not our main goal, although it would not necessarily be a bad by-product. Rather, we are a nonprofit dedicated to empowerment.

Girls Rock Austin depends on the hard work, advice, and support of many individual volunteers, donors and business sponsors. Volunteers are essential to both the existence and the spirit of our camps.