GRA’s Rock-A-Rama After School is an online program for girls, genderfluid/non-binary and trans youth ages 10 to 17. Experienced instructors teach campers guitar, bass, percussion, keyboards, or vocals. No musical experience is required and we love beginners! Each student is placed in a band of their peers to share their ideas and collaborate to write original songs and create a music video for their song as well as participate in enriching workshops designed to cultivate discussions about topics relevant to them. The session ends with a Music Video Premier online where the campers will debut their original songs, artwork and perform in a “Live Music Video.”

Each camper will have their own profile on GRA’s Mighty Network, our online platform (The Mighty Network) and Soundtrap, which is what the campers will use to create their original song. The Mighty Network has its own internal chat social media (no outsiders, only campers, staff and volunteers) where they can share pictures, videos, links on topics they’re interested in and chat with their instructors, band managers and producers (band coaches) as well as other campers. All chats and threads will be monitored and moderated by our staff to ensure conversations are appropriate and to prevent any bullying (including self-deprecation).

Tuition for GRA’s Rock-A-Rama After School is $750. Tuition Assistance and Scholarships are available.