What is the age range for Girls Rock Austin?

Our primary programs are geared for ages 8-17. However, our GRA Rock Retreat is curated for adults ages 18 and up.

Do you still have a Junior Camp?

At the moment, our virtual programs have been formatted to cater for ages 8 to 17 and adults, 18 and up. We will resume having in-person Junior Camps for children under the age of 8 when we deem it is safe for our campers, staff and volunteers to do so.

What level of musician is accepted at rock camp? What if my camper doesn’t have any experience with music?

Musicians of all levels are welcome at rock camp! We teach beginners, novices, virtuosos and everything in between. Campers do not need to bring or own their own instruments to participate.

What instruments do you teach?

We have instructors for guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and vocals.

How much is camp?

Tuition is $475. However, we believe that finances should never be a barrier to folks who wish to participate in our programs, so we provide need-based financial aid and scholarships. In 2020, we provided financial assistance to approximately 65% of our campers.

My camper is really busy and can only attend camp part of the time. They don’t really have to be there the full week and the showcase, right?

Actually, they do! Because our program schedule is designed so that campers build on skills they learn each day, it is essential that they attend camp for the full day, every day during the camp week. Missed time at camp translates to missed instruction and band practice time, and since campers rely on their band mates to help compose their song, an absent camper will have less creative input and ultimately get less out of the camp experience. Similarly, bands will be extremely disappointed should their members be late to/miss the showcase. Contact jamie@girlsrockaustin.org if you have questions about special circumstances regarding this policy.

My prospective camper would like to attend camp with her friend(s) this summer. Can they be in a band together?

A big part of the camp experience is learning to make new friends and collaborate with people whose perspectives and experiences may be different from your own. For many girls, this is a rare chance to socialize outside of their schools. We believe that working in bands with new friends fosters important social skills and crucial learning opportunities for campers. Additionally, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment to all campers, and to that end strongly encourage everyone at camp (youth and adults alike) to engage with new friends as much as possible. Please note that our band formation process occurs at camp with all campers present, so pre-forming bands is not possible and contrary to our emphasis on inclusion.

However, GRA has band coaches available to help bands outside of our program as well as bands that were formed through our camps and programs, progress, cooperate and effectively communicate while meeting their goals and having fun!

Why a rock camp just for girls?

Girls Rock Austin was created because representations of girls and women in both the music industry and popular culture have always been the exception rather than the rule. We believe that visibility is crucial to providing opportunities for youth to envision themselves taking part in important leadership roles.

Because gender representation is a complex issue that involves more than just girls versus boys, we welcome gender fluid, non-binary, and trans youth to our programs, as these groups have also been traditionally under-represented. We’re working towards a world where communities that have not been traditionally visible are able to not only gain access to these creative resources, but thrive using them.

Do you teach anything besides rock music at your camp?

Absolutely! Our programs are a total mind and body experience as all of our campers receive music instruction along with an education on topics ranging from STEM related subjects to self-care and social justice, taught by women, trans and non-binary musicians in Austin. Those who come to Girls Rock Austin are encouraged to explore all types of music that interest them, and we foster an environment where all everyone’s musical tastes are respected and included, sometimes even creating totally new genres!

What is your refund policy?

We understand that plans may change for some of our campers and their families. We may have a waiting list for our camp and will greatly appreciate that you let us know of your change of plans as soon as possible. Our cancellation policy for the 2021 programs are:

30 days before first day of program:  Full refund
15 day before first day of program: 50% refund
1st day of camp or during program: No refund

We appreciate your understanding of this policy in our efforts to create the best experiences we possibly can.

How did Girls Rock Austin begin?

Girls Rock Austin is inspired by Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls, which debuted in Portland, Oregon in 2001. In the years immediately following, Girls Rock Camps began popping up across the world. Inspired by this movement, Girls Rock Austin was formed in 2007 out of a desire to create a program that shares the vision of the Girls Rock Camp movement while catering to the unique needs of our local community.

How can I help or support Girls Rock Austin?

Besides donating directly to Girls Rock Austin, you can support our programs by volunteering your time, skills, and/or talents, or by donating gently used/functioning instruments, gear or working personal devices (such as laptops and tablets).

I want to volunteer at Girls Rock Austin! What can I do?

Because GRA functions largely as a venue for traditionally under-represented groups to mentor each other, we prioritize participation of women, gender fluid/non-binary, and trans folks in roles that work directly with our youth. We welcome male allies who want to help further our mission, and usually ask that they support GRA in roles including help with camp set up and break down, food donations and prep, promoting GRA to the community, and other non-direct ways.